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Enriching lives through meaningful local and personal connections.

Great journalism, great music and great programming begin with a direct connection to our listeners. After 45 years of making radio, American Public Media conveys global significance through local storytelling—reaching the universal by finding the specific. We achieve this by remaining firmly connected to our local audiences by way of our network of stations and our news-gathering model called Public Insight Network.

Regional networks

American Public Media is the parent organization for Minnesota Public Radio, Southern California Public Radio and Classical South Florida, operating 50 public radio stations and 41 translators in California, Florida, Idaho and the Upper Midwest. Our radio programming is complemented by a spectrum of new media content and platforms, including online Web streaming, podcasts, video, RSS feeds, interactive Web elements and extensive audio archives.
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Public Insight Network

Public Insight Network at American Public Media leads in forging partnerships between the media and the public to continually renew journalism.

Winner of the inaugural Knight News Innovation EPpy Award, Public Insight Network develops and applies techniques that American Public Media and its partners use to engage the public, tap its insight and produce breakthrough journalism.

By cultivating ongoing relationships with the widest possible source network, Public Insight Network connects journalists with stories and perspectives from every facet of experience.
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