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World Choral Spectacular home page

January 2003


Dear Friends,

Producing World Choral Spectacular was the highlight of my 23-year public radio career.

For starters, it was a labor of love: I've been a choral singer since childhood, and hearing these blue-ribbon ensembles from across the globe was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It was also wonderful from a simple humane perspective: I mean, for eight days last August, Orchestra Hall, Minneapolis, might as well have been a United Nations building, as choirs from every continent, ethnicity, and language group came and sang their hearts out.

But as much as it fed my spirit and gladdened the heart of anyone interested in diversity, what made this so memorable was sheer musical excellence — that's the important thing for you to know. The 23 choirs who arrived in Minneapolis had triumphed through the gauntlet of an international audition process, they were the best on the planet, and they came to show their stuff! Every one of their concerts held breathtaking moments.

What we've done in this broadcast series is produce the "best of the best" for you. That means we recorded every single note sung in that span of those eight days, but these national broadcasts are a highly-produced, crystallized version of the festival. The performances are striking, the host and guest comments are kept to a pithy minimum.


Brian Newhouse