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About the Program

December 2008

A modern Christmas is a joyful time full of lights and shopping malls and travel to far off cities to visit family and friends. But there was a time when the only lights were candles. When travel meant horse and buggy. And when Christmas dinner, the gifts, and the music were all made from scratch. Guiding us on this trip back in time is the Rose Ensemble, one the best music groups around. This award winning choir is reknowned for their interpretation of early music and they'll regale us in old Appalachian Christmas tunes with a distinctly American sound.

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Mark Dietrich:Improvisation

Anon, The Southern Harmony: Bozrah

Anon, Original Shaker Music: Give Good Gifts

Anon, Shaker Music: Christmas Eve

Anon, The Division Violin: John Come Kiss Me Now

William Billings: Shiloh

William Billings: Judea

Dr. Arnold, The Village Harmony: Herald Angels

William Walker: The Babe of Bethlehem

Anon, The Southern Harmony: Star in the East

Hastings, A Selection of Spiritual Songs: Still Water

traditional: La Bastringue

Anon, Original Shaker Music: Peace and Joy

John Playford: Scotch Cap

John Playford: Juice of Barley

John Playford: Drive the Cold Winter Away

Daniel Read: Sherburne

traditional, arr. Geo. D. Elderkin: Jesus the Light of the World

Music - the gift of the season - give today