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Garrison Keillor weaves together familiar melodies and his own observations into this charming and unique celebration of Thanksgiving. Keillor is joined by Prudence Johnson, Rich Dworsky, the VocalEssence Chorus & Ensemble Singers, Charles Kemper and Philip Brunelle in musical renditions of traditional hymns and humorous adaptations of songs for the season. Keillor guides us through the hour with his renowned story telling ability and reminds us of the treasures of Thanksgiving with his remarkable perceptions of American life.

Program Highlights:
The masterful narration of Garrison Keillor ("First there were those pilgrims who landed on the rocky shores, and then landed on the Indians..." "We had much more fun with food when we were children and we were able to throw it.") is perfectly matched with the musicians in the special—all of whom have been featured on A Prairie Home Companion.

Musical Highlights:
The intimate duets of Garrison Keillor with Prudence Johnson; Garrison narrating Psalm 106 with the VocalEssence Chorus "I will praise the Lord, though I am seated in the waiting room of a Urologist"; the Chorus singing traditional hymns, such as "Now Thank We All Our God", as well as a medley of food songs for Thanksgiving including "A Hymn to Potatoes" (with apologies to Schubert); and many others.

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