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About the Program

For two decades, the Anonymous 4 has delighted audiences with their mesmerizing a capella versions of medieval music, but for this special Thanksgiving program their attention is focused on a distinctly American sound. The group delivers inspired performances of music from the last hundred years, rather than pieces that are 8-10 centuries old. Look forward to shape note songs; a sort of short hand used to teach those who couldn't read music how to follow the printed score. There are plenty of selections that were handed down from generation to generation, sometimes only verbally, in the form of Appalachian folk tunes. There’s also some of the most unique takes on traditional revival music and gospel that you’ll hear. The Anonymous 4 are joined by Darol Anger playing fiddle and mandolin, along with guitarist Scott Nygaard.

Audio Listen to the program

The first half of the program includes:
On my Journey Home
Just Over in the Gloryland
Lord Revive Us
Angel Band
Bound for Canaan
Lost Girl
Father Adieu
Shining Shore

The second half of the program includes:
You Fair and Pretty Ladies
Where We’ll Never Grow Old
Sweet By and By
Nygaard/Anger Duet (Guitar and Mandolin)
Wondrous Love
Green Pastures.

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