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Nov. 5, 2009; St. Paul, Minn. - American RadioWorks, the award-winning documentary unit of American Public Media, has released its fall 2009 lineup of public radio documentaries. Through American RadioWorks' in-depth investigative reporting, the three documentaries explores how education during these hard times in America is central to economic opportunity and social mobility – and to our individual and collective well-being.

Fall 2009 Schedule:

Available Oct. 29 - "Early Lessons"

There's been a quiet revolution in America's schools over recent decades. We've added a whole extra grade to a child's education: Preschool. Economists say it's the smartest way to spend public money, especially in a tight economy. Preschool is perhaps the most researched idea in all of education. This documentary takes us back to the 1960s to tell the story of a landmark experiment that helped launch the preschool movement. Fifty years later, researchers are still learning powerful lessons for today’s youngest students. "Early Lessons" is now available.

Available Nov. 5 - "Rising by Degrees"

The United States is facing a dramatic demographic challenge: Young Latinos are the fastest-growing segment of the population, and they are among the least likely to graduate from college. Experts say the future of the American economy is at stake, because higher education is essential in the 21st century economy. This documentary tells the story of Latino students working towards a college degree-and why it's so hard for them to get what they want.

Available Nov. 12 - "Workplace U"

We know that a good education can be the ticket a good job. But for many Americans, conventional school isn't working. Every school day some seven thousand students drop out of high school. Often, what they managed to learn in the schoolhouse has not prepared them well enough for the job site. This documentary reports on a growing movement to turn workplaces into classrooms and marginal students into productive workers.

TUNE IN: The documentaries will broadcast on public radio stations nationwide. Check local listings for availability. In addition, visit the companion site at; for access to additional resources, audio and transcripts.

American RadioWorks

Based in St. Paul, Minn., American RadioWorks is public radio's largest documentary production unit. American RadioWorks creates documentaries, series projects and investigative reports for the public radio system and the Internet. Its hour-long specials provide in-depth reporting on public affairs, social and cultural subjects and the 20th-century experience. Major funding for American RadioWorks is provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. American RadioWorks is on the Web at

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